@fstopgear Has My Back – Human Interest – Filip
Back in the summer of 2017, I received an email from Filip, the former Community APAC team member of f-stop gear. It was an invitation to attend the Staff Pro Hangout and the Photo Crawl Event hosted by f-stop gear in Tokyo. Filip was based in Europe, so we had always communicated electronically and had never met in person. As a portrait photographer, I always prefer face-to-face encounters. Knowing that Filip and I could finally meet, I booked my flight to Tokyo immediately. You can read more about my trip on the f-stop gear website. https://fstopgear.com/stories/events/exploring-old-tokyo-new-urban-series

It was my first participation at a f-stop event for photographers. My impression was that the company was making a sincere effort to improve product quality and user experience. They were gathering opinions and criticism from photographers so that the resulting refinements would lead to products that could be trusted by professionals around the World. Since 2017, I have visited many of their D&I and production facilities in Asia. When Filip traveled to Asia again in 2018, and this time he actually came to Hong Kong, I made sure that he experienced the absolute best of my home city. So not only does f-stop gear provide me with superb equipment for my professional work, they have also helped me build wonderful friendships with their staff, too!

I genuinely regard f-stop gear as not only the provider of fantastic equipment, but a trusted companion for professionals as well. Much like the art of portrait photography, their way of business and operation is to put people first. Thus, they have my wholehearted congratulation on this occasion of their 15th Anniversary.

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